Wastewater Aeration Videos

  1. Otterbine Fractional Series (50Hz) Video

    Product introduction of Otterbine's new 1/2HP Fractional Series for the 50Hz (European) market. This new product features 5 systems in 1 includes 4 patterns, AND a horizontal mixer! Video highlights the features and benefits of the system, as well as a product comparison to similar systems available on the market.

  2. Combining Energy Efficiency and Nutrient Removal

    The Sanitaire Bioloop oxidation ditch process effectively removes total nitrogen and total phosphorus. Our experienced design team can put together an optimized, flexible solution suited to your current and future treatment needs—without the “black box” approach. Best of all, the process comes standard with all the long-term support you’ve come to expect from Sanitaire and can be provided with a process performance guarantee.

  3. Money Found In Puget Sound: Aeration Blower Saves $44K Annually For WWTP

    In this Water Online Radio case study, you'll learn how Aerzen aeration blower efficiency is saving a Puget Sound utility an estimated $44,000 per year.

  4. Sanitaire Aeration System Video

    Aeration systems today represent an estimated 30 to 70 percent of the total energy costs at a typical wastewater treatment plant. Select the right components from the Sanitaire range and combine them with an air piping system, required support and an energy-efficient blower. Watch this video to learn more.

  5. Sanitaire Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration (ICEAS) Video

    Sanitaire ICEAS is a proven process that enhances the standard SBR system performance and delivers substantial costs, operational and maintenance advantages. The ICEAS does not need primary and secondary settlement tanks, like a conventional activated sludge plant, hence significantly reducing the complexity of mechanical equipment, piping and control.

  6. Aqua-Aerobic Systems Corporate Video

    Aqua-Aerobic Systems manufactures a complete line of wastewater treatment systems including: Sequencing Batch Reactors, Phased Activated Sludge Systems, Traveling Bridge Sand Filters, Cloth Media Filters, Membrane Systems, Control Panels and Process Management Systems.

  7. Video: Delta Blower Generation 5

    Delta Blower Generation 5 stands for the new series of blower units made by Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH which have created a new market standard already at this stage.

  8. Video: Jet Aerator - Starting Up

    Video: Jet Aerator - Starting Up

  9. Video: Bi-Directional Jet Aerator - Mixing Pattern

    KLa Systems has successfully started up a jet aeration system for a food processor in the Midwest. The jet aeration system is designed to deliver 32,000 lbs./day of oxygen to a three-basin activated sludge process. Each basin has a volume of 500,000 gallons and contains two bi-directional jet manifold aerators. Jet motive flow is delivered to each aerator via a 25 Hp submersible pump and the air delivery system consists of three 150 Hp centrifugal blowers.