Utility Management

  1. Impact Of Climate Change On Water Resources

    While climate change repercussions are predicted to be varied and ubiquitous, it is the fate of water that deserves highest consideration, as the prosperity of communities —and countries — hangs in the balance.

  2. Sustainability And Asset Management In Action

    Asset management plans — and planners — must adapt to the challenges and needs of tomorrow, where sustainability is required for prosperity.

  3. Addressing Impacts Of Climate Change At The Local Level: Mitigate Or Adapt?

    The unknowns around climate change might curtail proper investment and preparation — unless your resiliency efforts offer more than just resiliency.

  4. Building The Post-Boomer Water Workforce

    A labor crisis has been bearing down on the water industry for some time, so it’s time to prepare for the future. Luckily, some industry trailblazers have charted paths to success.

  5. Changing Thoughts On Climate

    I have a confession to make. Although I’m an empathetic person in general, I have found it hard to worry very much about the state of the world once I’m no longer part of it.

  6. Preparing For The Worst

    No utility wants to enact an emergency plan, but every utility should have one in place.

  7. Harnessing Available Resources For Utility Energy Independence

    Water utilities in search of energy- and cost-saving opportunities can look to the sky — or to Sayreville, NJ — for inspiration.

  8. Pride And Prejudice: A Philadelphia (Water Department) Story

    Recently, I had the opportunity to tour a unique and innovative facility, the Bureau of Lab Services (BLS), the “water quality heartbeat of the Philadelphia Water Department” (PWD), as described by BLS director Gary Burlingame.

  9. Overcoming Smart Meter Fears: The Value Of Focusing Communication On AMI Benefits

    The idea that ratepayers are afraid of what advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) may bring into their homes has made water utilities wary of implementing the technology. But are the fears justified? A new survey investigates the phenomenon and lights a path forward.

  10. Climate-Ready Or Not?

    There are many positive changes on the horizon for the water and wastewater industry — new ideas and technologies that should enable more efficient and reliable operations, better water quality, and cost savings — but the forecast for the future is not all sunshine. There are some storm clouds brewing, literally, and water system managers need to prepare for the impact of severe rains.