Pump Station Monitoring Videos

  1. Channel Monster Flex Video

    The patent pending Channel Monster FLEX consists of a FLEX Grinder and a Solids Diverter with perforated screen connected by a FLEX Frame. The Channel Monster FLEX continues the Channel Monster legacy of high flow capacity while capturing and shredding rags, rocks, wood, and other solids into small pieces to pass harmlessly through pumps, pipes, and process equipment.

  2. Hospital Upgrades Submersible Pump to S&L Wet Well Mounted Pump Station

    A hospital had been pumping their wastewater with a submersible pump for years. But after seeing the benefits of the S&L Above Grade Wet Well Mounted Pump Station, they quickly saw the benefits - easier and safer maintenance, higher efficiency, long pump life, and more. Hear from the operator himself to learn why the hospital now prefers S&L's EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Station.

  3. Conquering The Clog: Overcoming Grease, Rocks, Rags and Oils

    Lloyd Knauer, maintenance and operations supervisor and a 23-year veteran for the Valley Forge Sewer Authority, helps explain why life is easier these days at his regional treatment plant, in large part to their non-clog pumps.

  4. A Partner That Cares About Our Success

    Carlsen Systems in Woodbridge, Connecticut is a company with a mantra: “we never walk away from a problem.” The reliable performance of Sulzer products backed up by Sulzer’s expert support helps Carlsen to solve their customers’ challenges.

  5. Driving All Night To Solve The Problem

    Hydra Service’s customer had a pump station go down and they did not have the right equipment in stock. Sulzer’s factory had the pump they needed, so they drove 300 miles through the night to meet their customer’s challenges by the next morning.

  6. Going The Extra Mile

    Pumps used in wastewater treatment face increasingly demanding operating conditions. To get reliable performance year after year, your plant needs more than just a supplier. You need a true partner who is ready to go further.

  7. The Dependability That We Need

    With 53 lift stations, the City of Huntsville, Alabama needs dependable equipment and suppliers. Sulzer’s submersible pumps have consistently given them the reliable day-to-day performance and the blockage protection they need.

  8. Best-In-Class Pumps With A 5-year Warranty

    Since joining Sulzer USA three years ago, National Distribution Manager Robert Wright has continuously been amazed by his strong team that does whatever it takes to help customers all over the country.

  9. When A Customer Has A Crisis

    A distributor in Alaska was having some problems and questions working on a critical job. Sulzer was able to resolve the issue remotely so the plant didn't have to send someone out in -20°F temperatures to manually turn pumps on and off.

  10. The Best I’ve Seen In 35 Years In The Business

    Like many wastewater systems, the City of Groton, Connecticut’s treatment plant had constant issues with clogging caused by debris in the waste stream. Then they were introduced to Sulzer’s submersible sewage pumps, and they haven’t had a clog since.