Pump Station Monitoring Podcasts

  1. Selecting The Right Control Gate For Your Application

    Control gates are used throughout the water and wastewater fluid handling process at pump stations, head works, purifiers and a variety of other locations. Beyond application, head pressure, solids content and placement are all critical factors in evaluating what type of control gate will best meet your needs.

  2. New Wastewater Sump Puts Intelligence Inside The Pump

    There’s a new wastewater pump in town. Launched at WEFTEC 2016, the Flygt Concerter integrates control panel intelligence inside the pump. Lisa Riles, North America Flygt Product Manager with Xylem, sat down with Water Online Radio at the show to discuss how the new pump works.

  3. An Alternative To Design-Build?

    San Francisco has embarked upon a $6.9-billion, 20-year initiative to completely renovate the sewer system. That includes the pipelines, the pump stations, and the treatment plants of the system.

  4. Pump Station Energy And Maintenance – Solved

    Flat topography, low elevation, and high rainfall conspire to make collection and treatment a hassle in Jefferson Parish, LA, requiring more than 500 lift stations to get the job done. Learn how a new wastewater pumping system virtually eliminated maintenance and reduced energy consumption by as much as 75%.

  5. S&L Separates Itself From The Pack

    Frank Rebori, President of Smith & Loveless, tells Water Online Radio what separates his company from its competitors, and also introduces some new product entries to the market.

  6. Trihedral Shares The Capabilities Of SCADA

    Patrick Cooke of Trihedral discusses recent advances in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), as well as the role SCADA plays throughout each stage of the water cycle.