Labor Solutions & Insights for Utility Managers

  1. Putting The Deep Freeze On Faulty Meter Box Valves

    This fall, the Prince William County Service Authority began using a device called a freeze kit, which temporarily freezes water service lines in order to replace angle valves in meter boxes.

  2. BPM Of Things: Secure Your Success In Digital Transformation

    Business process management (BPM) has proven extremely successful in managing both gradual and radical improvements in the industry and various business functions. While digitization brings incredible new opportunities, it also brings the distinctive challenge of correctly positioning and scoping BPM in organizations.

  3. Math Solutions: Mean Cell Residence Time (MCRT)

    Mean cell residence time is defined as an expression of the average time (days) that a microorganism will spend in the activated sludge process — or how long sludge is in the system. It is a critical operating parameter in the biological treatment process, with impact on various other parameters and equations.

  4. How New Jersey American Water Uses Fleet Management To Lower Fuel Costs, Optimize Scheduling

    New Jersey American Water is a subsidiary of American Water Works & Guarantee Company. It was founded in 1886 and has been servicing customers and communities for more than 125 years. New Jersey American Water provides high-quality water and wastewater service to 600,000 customers in six counties using a fleet of 600 vehicles.

  5. Using Technology And Best Business Practices To Make The Best Use Of Resources And Save Public Dollars

    Creating long-term efficiencies and sustainability is a huge focus of today’s government sector.  Every day the charge of Public Works’ leaders is to do more, with less. Further, technology, if used correctly, can be an effective tool for organizing work and cutting costs. 

  6. Let’s Make Water Infrastructure Winter-Ready

    While people enjoy seasonal change and wait for the first snowfall of the season, public works professionals are gearing up for the upcoming winter. Provisions made ahead of time help to deliver quicker responses to potential inclement weather.

  7. Math Solutions: More Volume Calculations

    Water Online contributor Dan Theobald provides a second round of “Math Solutions” devoted to volume calculations (see the initial installment here). Based on 24-plus years of experience in training and consultation, tutorials from “Wastewater Dan” are designed to help the operator both in the field and while sitting for certification exams.

  8. Meeting The Workforce Reliability Challenge

    A forward-looking utility responds to workforce retirement with a jobs program worth replicating.

  9. 4 Reasons Why IT Asset Management Is Effective For People Management

    Buying IT assets off the shelf is an easy task, but managing the hardware and software requirements, permissions, licenses, and people using it across the organization is certainly not. It is not just the IT assets that need to be tracked, but also the people who are using it. If your organization has thousands of assets and hundreds of employees, you cannot keep an eye on each and every employee. The good news is you can use a cloud-based IT asset tracking system to effectively manage your IT assets, and eventually the people using it, by increasing transparency, maintaining accountability, enhancing productivity, and knowing what permissions they have with regards to equipment, what items they have responsibility for, and much more.

  10. APWA Program Helps Develop Next Generation Of Public Works Leaders

    An innovative leadership and training program launched by the American Public Works Association (APWA) is helping public works departments of public agencies and municipalities nationwide train and credential tomorrow’s public works leaders.