Industrial Water and Wastewater News

  1. Clean TeQ Successfully Completes Demonstration Project For Brine Hardness Removal In China

    Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (Clean TeQ or Company) (ASX/TSX:CLQ; OTCQX:CTEQF) is pleased to announce the successful completion of its hardness removal demonstration project in Inner Mongolia for Jiutai New Material (Jiutai).

  2. With Funds From The Government Of Japan - UNDP Supports The Harnessing Of Solar Power To Treat Wastewater In Gaza

    The United Nations Development Programme and the Government of Japan, in partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture, Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority (PENRA) and the Costal Municipalities Water Utility inaugurated the Photo Voltaic Solar System for the Rafah Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Plants project.

  3. Decontamination Plant Benefits From Borger’s Pumps

    Three rotary lobe pumps made by Borger are playing a vital role at a decontamination plant used by fire services and disaster relief agencies to detoxify oil that has escaped into water.

  4. Knowing The True Cost Of Water: Industrial Water Solutions At Singapore International Water Week

    Knowing the true cost of water is critical in a water scarce world, and it goes beyond the price we pay. 

  5. Veolia Launches First Complete Carbon Reporting Platform In The UK

    Many businesses may be confused where to start when it comes to looking at the carbon they are producing. With recent YouGov research revealing that 61% of C-suite executives have not set out a target to reduce their carbon emissions, Veolia, the UK’s leading environmental solutions provider, has launched a new web based platform for the UK that can evaluate the complete carbon and water use of business activities.

  6. Carper: USAF Diverted $66M Away From Other Projects To Address PFAS Contamination

    Today, U.S. Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), top Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW), reiterated his call for Congress to pass legislation that would address Per- and Polyflouroalkyl Substances (PFAS) contamination after being informed by the Department of Defense (DOD) that the U.S. Air Force has needed to divert more than $66 million from several projects across the country to instead go toward investigation and mitigation efforts related to perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA) contamination.

  7. MCAA Market Forecast Projects Industry To Be $17B By 2023

    The Process Instrumentation and Automation market in the United States, valued at $13.9B, is projected to grow 4.4 percent by 2023 to a total of $17.3B.

  8. EPA And USDA Launch Innovative Nutrient Financing Webinar Series To Help Improve America’s Water Quality

    As part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ongoing efforts to promote creative problem solving and market-based approaches to reduce excess nutrients in our nation’s waterways, EPA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are kicking off a webinar series to educate the public on financing opportunities that are available to improve water quality.

  9. 3M Study Found PFAS In Food Nearly 20 Years Ago

    Laboratory tests conducted nearly 20 years ago that have gone largely unreported found high levels of the toxic fluorinated chemical known as PFAS a number of popular supermarket foods.

  10. Gap Inc. And Arvind Limited Join Together To Reduce Apparel Industry’s Water Use And Drive Water-Saving Innovation

    Global apparel retailer Gap Inc. recently announced a new partnership with its longtime sourcing and franchise partner in India, Arvind Limited, to drive industry-leading solutions that address global water scarcity.