Drinking Water Filtration News

  1. Solvay Selects Neptune Benson’s H2F Vortisand Submicron Filtration For Industrial Water Polishing

    Neptune Benson is proud to announce that the H2F Vortisand Filtration System was selected by Solvay, one of the largest chemical suppliers in the world, for their water filtration needs.

  2. LANXESS Doubles Membrane Production Capacity

    Specialty chemicals company LANXESS – as announced previously in mid-2017 – has doubled its membrane capacities. “We have expanded the capacity of our plant in Bitterfeld so that we can continue meeting the rising demand for reverse osmosis membrane elements.

  3. Nine Desalination And Water Purification Research Projects And Pilot Studies Receive $1.4M From The Bureau Of Reclamation

    Bureau of Reclamation Acting Commissioner Lowell Pimley announced that nine research projects and pilot studies will receive $1.4M to address desalination and water purification needs.

  4. NSF International Certifies First Water Filter Pitcher That Reduces Arsenic V In Drinking Water

    Global public health organization NSF International has certified the first drinking water pitcher to reduce arsenic V (pentavalent arsenic) to NSF/ANSI 53: Drinking Water Treatment Units – Health Effects, an American National Standard for drinking water treatment units.

  5. Purifics CUF System To Be Installed In Granisle, BC

    Purifics Water, Inc. has been awarded a $1,321,000 contract for the Village of Granisle, British Columbia for a drinking water purification system.

  6. Mines Researchers Find Newly Discovered Fluorinated Chemicals More Difficult To Filter From Water

    A team of Colorado School of Mines researchers has found that the activated carbon filtration systems currently being used to remove highly fluorinated chemicals such as perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) from drinking water are likely not nearly as effective at removing newly discovered poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs).

  7. GE Technology Helps Lakeview Water Treatment Plant Take The Guesswork Out Of Plant Upgrades

    Using GE’s Water & Process Technologies’ asset performance management solution, the Region of Peel, Ontario, Canada, optimized the timing of its system upgrade with new membranes to ensure continued drinking water safety and reliability for its residents.

  8. Ovivo Partners With Cembrane For Patented Silicon Carbide Membrane Technology

    Ovivo Inc. ("Ovivo"), a global provider of water and wastewater treatment equipment, technology and systems, is pleased to announce the signing of a new licensing and investment agreement with Cembrane A/S ("Cembrane") for their Silicon Carbide ("SiC") Flat Plate Membrane technology.

  9. Durable Hydrophilic Water Filtration Membranes Granted A New Certification

    The new Neophil PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes have been granted NSF/ANSI 61 certification for drinking water production.

  10. Desalitech And Nexom Win 2017 Best Employers To Work For In The Water And Wastewater Industry

    Hunter Crown, a boutique Executive Search and Recruiting company, launched a new annual contest to recognize the best employers in the water and wastewater industry.