Contaminant Removal News

  1. Fluence Receives US$5M Contract For A Containerized System For Industrial Client In Argentina

    Fluence Corporation Limited is pleased to announce the execution of a contract denominated in United States Dollars with a value exceeding US$5M to provide a 10,320 m3 /day pre-engineered and containerized Smart Products Solution water treatment system to a greenfield lithium mining project in Argentina.

  2. Concerned About Lead In Your Drinking Water? Choose A Filter Certified To Reduce Lead

    Recent studies and news reports have many Canadians concerned about the possibility of lead in their drinking water. Fortunately, a wide variety of residential drinking water treatment and filtration devices to reduce lead are available to consumers. But how can you be sure they work?

  3. Hong Kong’s IWA-ASPIRE Conference 2019: De Nora Highlights Innovative Solution Addressing Chlorine Management Safety

    To address increasingly complex water treatment issues and standards in Asia, water disinfection and filtration technologies leader De Nora highlights its groundbreaking hybrid system of CECHLO and Capital Controls in light of this year’s International Water Association (IWA) conference.

  4. First UV-C LED Product Certified To NSF/ANSI 55-2019 Standard

    AquiSense Technologies, the global leader in UV-C LED water disinfection technology, claims the world’s first NSF Component Certification to the newly updated NSF/ANSI 55-2019 Standard for its PearlAqua Micro range.

  5. New Disaster Response System Can Save Lives In Disaster Situations

    WaterStep, a nonprofit that implements water projects and equips people with tools and training in water purification, sanitation, health education, and well repair, has launched the "Water on Wheels" Disaster Response system (or, WOW Cart).

  6. A Sustainable Solution For Safer Drinking Water

    People who get their water from rural, small water systems are at a greater health risk of exposure to bacteria and other harmful pathogens, according to a recent study in the journal AWWA Water Science.

  7. De Nora Inaugurates New $29M Manufacturing Plant In Mentor, Ohio

    De Nora, multinational leader of electrochemical technologies and water treatment solutions, recently announces the opening of a greenfield manufacturing facility for the production of electrodes in Mentor, Ohio.

  8. California Wildfires Pose Drinking Water Contaminant Challenge

    To illustrate the pervasiveness of damage caused by California’s rising epidemic of wildfires, researchers are now connecting the problem to an influx of dangerous contaminants in drinking water delivery systems.

  9. The Danish Minister For The Environment Promotes Danish Water-Quality Technology In The US

    On September 21–25, twelve Danish suppliers of the global water and wastewater industry will be accompanying Danish Export – Water to the water-quality conference WEFTEC 2019 to promote their solutions on the US market.

  10. EWG: Study Estimates More Than 100,000 Cancer Cases Could Stem From Contaminants In Tap Water

    A toxic cocktail of chemical pollutants in U.S. drinking water could result in more than 100,000 cancer cases, according to a peer-reviewed study from Environmental Working Group – the first study to conduct a cumulative assessment of cancer risks due to 22 carcinogenic contaminants found in drinking water nationwide.