AMR, AMI and Metering VIDEOS

  1. Mueller Systems Network Operations Center

    The Network Operations Center from Mueller Systems offers class-leading support for monitoring your water infrastructure.

  2. BEACON AMA Meter Reading System Case Study

    For the Bethpage Water District on New York's Long Island, providing first class customer service is a top priority. But antiquated meters -- and the subsequent billing complaints and maintenance requirements -- had become a problem. The Badger Meter BEACON Meter Reading System became the solution.

  3. Echologics: MEgaNet – High-Powered AMI

    Mueller Systems extends its commitment to providing utilities with smart metering solutions designed to increase efficiencies, conserve energy and water, and improve customer service, with the addition of MegaNet™, a high-powered, long-range, fixed-network advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system. The MegaNet system complements Mueller Systems’ other metering solutions, including the Mi.Net® infrastructure network AMI system and HotRod™ automated meter reading solution.

  4. Introducing BEACON AMA

    Introducing BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA), a new managed solution for utilities from Badger Meter.

  5. BEACON AMA Testimonials

    A video compilation of customer testimonials for BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA), a new managed solution for utilities from Badger Meter.

  6. Intelligent Data From Water Meters

    Utilities can now use intelligent data to improve customer service, increase revenue, and expand conservation initiatives. Neptune’s N_SIGHT™ software suite includes cloud-based intelligent data hosting and analytics management. This video shows how the software can reduce non-revenue water, eliminate major investments in internal IT support, and reduce truck rolls with virtual disconnects.

  7. Beyond Meter Reading

    Today’s water utilities can go far beyond traditional meter reading and billing through interoperable systems. This video explores how Neptune’s AMR and AMI systems can help personnel and applications connect and share critical data across the water distribution network, supporting decision-making in all departments – including management, engineering, operations, maintenance, and customer service.

  8. Shed The Lead

    When is a water meter truly “green”? In addition to meeting lead free regulations, it should also provide utility users with recyclability, field-proven durability – and just as important – superior scrap value at end of life. This video examines how traditional lead-free bronze-body meters offer all of the above – something that cannot be said for non-recyclable plastic or composite water meters.

  9. Neptune’s Migratable R900® Metering System

    Neptune’s R900® meter reading solution allows a utility to migrate from walk-by meter reading to mobile AMR and on to full fixed network AMI. This video reviews the R900®'s features including leak, tamper, and reverse-flow detection capabilities and virtual disconnects, avoiding the need for on-site visits to shut off meters.

  10. Mueller Systems: Maumee, OH: Improved Water Consumption Monitoring & Conservation With Mi.Net

    The City of Maumee, Ohio enables residents to monitor their household water usage and improve water conservation with Mi.Data from Mueller Systems.