AMR, AMI and Metering VIDEOS

  1. E-Series Plus with Integrated Shutoff Valve Animation

    E-Series ultrasonic meters offer the latest in innovative electronic metering technology with the release of the new e-series ultrasonic plus with integrated shut-off valve. Offering all of the benefits of the original e-series meter, the ultrasonic plus features a patented flow restriction valve that supports open, closed, and partial closed settings. It allows water utilities to actuate the valve remotely to temporarily restrict water service safely and efficiently. Watch the full video to learn more.

  2. FlexNet For Water
  3. Instrumental In Sustainability

    Every day you work to optimize your operations, protect quality, find innovative solutions, and reduce costs.

  4. BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA)

    BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) combines the power of an intuitive software suite driven by ORION AMI technology to transform meter reading data into meaningful information that optimizes your utility management.

  5. Recordall® Disc Series Meters Animation

    Recordall Disc Series Meters from Badger Meter are an accurate, cost-effective solution for your residential metering needs. Combining the accuracy of positive displacement meters with the reliability and economy of nutating disc technology, the simple but efficient design of this meter makes it an ideal solution for measuring flow.

  6. Hydro-Guard™ Pressure Monitoring System: Video

    Several years ago, Mueller began a journey to develop a user friendly and cost-effective technology to continuously and remotely monitor pressure at any point within a potable water distribution system. The technology involves threading a sensor onto a corporation valve to transmit pressure readings. The pressure sensor, typically installed two (2) per District Metering Area (DMA), reports at user-defined intervals via cellular service and a Mueller-hosted secure web server. Beginning with pressure monitoring, Mueller has created a communications backbone that utilities can integrate into its monitoring systems or use as a stand-alone monitoring platform. This technology is currently available in North America.

  7. Facilities Video Tour

    Every single day, over 2,500 water utilities throughout North America count on the field-proven quality and innovation of Neptune’s ARB® Utility Management Systems. In this video tour of our facilities, you’ll see how Neptune strives to be your most valued partner through engineering and craftsmanship that are recognized far and wide.

  8. Protect Existing Assets

    When water utilities need to implement more advanced AMR, they don’t have to do it all at once – if they’re using Neptune’s R900® System. This video explores how Neptune Area Manager Sam Mitchell is helping Oakland County, Michigan water utilities migrate at their own pace through easily compatible technology while providing quick, accurate data in the field.

  9. Faster Time To Bill

    What is the value of faster, more reliable water meter readings? According to Montgomery Water Works, it’s huge – both in terms of time to bill and in customer service. Watch this video to see how Neptune Territory Manager Kevin Smith helped provide the answers for the accurate information needed for monthly billing and more proactive management.

  10. Boosting Water Utility Productivity

    Water utilities looking for powerful information need to look no further than Neptune. As you’ll learn in this video, when longtime customer Johnson City, New York needed to implement new AMR technology as well as new billing software for its water department, Neptune Territory Manager Dave Johnson listened – and helped them put it all together for greater productivity.