1. Florida’s Largest Public Utility Recovers One Billion Gallons Of Unaccounted For Water

    The most populous city in the southeastern United States, Jacksonville, consistently rates in the top 20 in Forbes’ annual ranking of the Best Places for Business and Careers.

  2. Park City Uses Sensus Smart Gateway To Extend Monitoring Reach

    Park City is one of the most popular tourist areas in the United States. Beyond being a popular ski destination, every January thousands of movie fans flock to the city to check out the best independent cinema has to offer at the Sundance Film Festival.

  3. Central Highlands Water (CHW) Adopts TaKaDu’s Central Event Management (CEM) Solution To Boost Efficiency And Customer Outcomes

    One of Victoria’s leading regional water utilities, Central Highlands Water (CHW), is the latest Australian utility to deploy TaKaDu’s Central Event Management (CEM) solution for increased network efficiency, reduced water loss, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved customer service outcomes.

  4. WaterSmart Software Unleashes New Benchmark Analytics Solution With Performance WaterMark

    With more than 4 million meters under management across over 120 water utility partners, WaterSmart Software, the self-service and customer engagement platform leader for the water industry, has unprecedented access to benchmark analytics data unavailable anywhere else in the water utility sector.

  5. Smart Meter Roll-Out In Luxemburg Has Started

    Ville de Dudelange has been participating as a Luxembourgish gas and water Distribution System Operator (DSO) since the end of 2011 in a project with the scope for deployment of a national smart metering system for gas and electricity, with the possibility to enlarge this system to water and thermal meters.

  6. World Water Day 2019: Sensus Extends Xylem Watermark Program Invitation

    The world is facing unprecedented water challenges brought on by population growth, urbanization and shrinking fresh water supplies. Millions of people lack access to clean drinking water.

  7. Subeca Reinvents Water Utility Management To Enable Sustainable Water Conservation

    Today Subeca announced the official launch of its intelligent water utility platform, a breakthrough innovation that redefines how suppliers and consumers manage water consumption.

  8. WaterSmart Recognized For Work With Municipalities By Government Technology Magazine

    WaterSmart Software, the best-in-class customer self-service and data analytics platform provider for water utilities and municipalities, has been selected as a GovTech 100 company for 2019.

  9. Water Utilities Can Now Tap Red Clay And Oracle To Modernize Operations

    Water utilities have the critical responsibility of delivering reliable, safe water for each and every customer.

  10. Utility Systems Announces Slimline Battery Pack

    Smart water metering company, Utility Systems has announced that it has streamlined the replaceable battery pack for its Water Management Device (WMD) in an effort to use it in a wider variety of meter boxes.