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  1. Water Use Cut In Half At Federal Lab In Colorado, Thanks In Part To Sandia

    David J. Martinez, engineering project lead for Sandia’s infrastructure computing services, received the DOE’s Federal Energy and Water Management Award for his contribution to a technique that saved water by substituting a reusable liquid refrigerant in place of evaporative-water cooling towers when outside temperatures are low enough to make that feasible.

  2. Fluence Secures US$7.6 Million NIROBOX™ Order In Egypt

    Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX: FLC) is pleased to announce that it has signed contracts totaling US$7.6 million through its Egyptian joint venture entity The International Co. for Water Services & Infrastructure (IWSI) to supply three separate NIROBOX™ Smart Packaged seawater desalination plants to projects owned by the Egyptian Ministry of Housing.

  3. Study: Fluoride Levels In Pregnant Women In Canada Show Drinking Water Is Primary Source Of Exposure To Fluoride

    A new study led by York University researchers has found that fluoride levels in urine are twice as high for pregnant women living in Canadian cities where fluoride is added to public drinking water as for those living in cities that do not add fluoride to public water supplies.

  4. MGX Minerals Announces Arrival Of First Rapid Lithium Extraction Oil & Gas Wastewater Treatment System

    MGX Minerals Inc. is pleased to report that engineering partner PurLucid Treatment Solutions (“PurLucid”) has delivered the first petrolithium and advanced wastewater treatment system to a centralized treatment and processing facility north of Edmonton and proximate to the Alberta oilsands.

  5. Endress+Hauser Strengthens Market Presence In The US

    Endress+Hauser announces it plans to build a new 100,000+ square-foot Gulf Coast Regional Center Campus in Pearland, TX, just outside of the Houston area.

  6. EPA Region 4 Administrator Meets With Ag Commissioner And Industry Stakeholders In Mississippi

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 4 Administrator Trey Glenn participated in meetings with Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson and other industry stakeholders to discuss critical issues impacting agriculture in Mississippi.

  7. WinCan VX Receives PACP 7.0 And LACP 7.0 Certification

    WinCan, a market leader in sewer asset management software and inspection data storage, was awarded PACP 7.0 and LACP 7.0 certification.

  8. New Innovation From Germany: Graforce Produces Environmentally Friendly Fuel From Wastewater

    The Berlin-based tech company Graforce has introduced a unique technology: Plasmalysis saves resources in its highly efficient generation of hydrogen from industrial waste water.

  9. Safer, More Efficient, And More Environmentally Friendly Brine Purification With Ion Exchangers From LANXESS

    The new generation of well-established finely dispersed Lewatit ion exchange resins from LANXESS has proven its worth in practice: Lewatit MDS resins significantly increase the efficiency of brine treatment in chlor-alkali electrolysis using the membrane method.

  10. Owner And Operator Of Philadelphia Service Station Settle With EPA On Underground Storage Tank Violations

    The owner and operator of the F-Street Sunoco service station, 3951 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia have agreed to pay a $22,080 penalty to settle alleged violations of underground storage tank regulations, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Recently.