Application Note

Wireless Lift Station Monitoring Application Note

Source: Telog, A Trimble Company
Wireless Lift Station Montioring

Powerful Pump Monitoring for Optimal Lift Station Performance. Trimble Unity software combined with the Telog wireless, battery-powered, multi-channel recording telemetry system provides a GIS-centric cloud and mobile platform for monitoring lift station pump on/off cycles along with sump levels. Clamp-on current sensors monitor pump run on/off to one second resolution. This data can then be used to produce pump run-time and energy efficiency reports as well as flow history. Telog recorders can store data internally for many months, if required, and wirelessly transmit on a defined schedule or in response to alarms, providing a powerful solution for improving pump performance and optimizing system operations.

Lift stations are remote pumping facilities that move wastewater from lower to higher elevation. Monitoring lift stations is important to collection system operators to:

  • Obtain real-time alarms on:
    • Pump failures
    • Wet well overflow
    • Station tamper or vandalism
    • AC power failure
    • Generator power failure
    • Pump temperature and/or vibration exceedance
  • Ensure pumps are functioning properly and sized correctly
  • Optimize energy efficiency
  • Track station flows

A comprehensive lift station monitoring system provides information to Operations, Maintenance, Collections and Modeling groups within a utility. This includes:

  • Real-time alarming
  • Time-stamp event data
  • Trend data
  • Station flow history
  • Pump cycle data
  • Pumping rate history
  • Pump energy efficiency history
  • Site diagnostics