02.07.19 -- What Can The MDC Learn From Denver Water?

A Q&A With Denver Water About The Challenges Of Water Main Dead Ends

Irrespective of the size of your water system, maintenance of the furthest points of the distribution system and water main dead ends are known problem areas for water stagnation, resulting in water quality complaints. In this Q&A Denver Water's system quality supervisor speaks with Water Online on how to address these challenges.

10 Considerations For Better Gate Valve Operation

Reliable gate valve operation isn’t dependent solely on the product itself. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that reliability is the product of sound utility operations.

Hydrant Humor: Tales From The Field

District Sales Engineer Andy Singer has spent enough time troubleshooting problems in the field that not much surprises him anymore. When it comes to dry barrel fire hydrants, though, he still gets a chuckle out of some of his more outrageous experiences. Here is his educational and entertaining take on the care and maintenance of fire hydrants, and ways to maximize a utility’s return on what potentially can be a 50+-year infrastructure investment.

Redefining 'Reliable Connections' For Water Distribution

Sometimes the relationship with a manufacturer begins and ends when a product is purchased. Regrettably, this can often leave customers high and dry when it comes to installation, operation, or troubleshooting.