Case Study

UV Disinfection And Ozone Oxidation In Tandem

Source: WEDECO -- A Xylem Brand

Located 30 minutes North-East of Montreal, Canada, the City of Terrebonne has the last drinking water intake of the many cities along the Rivière des Milles-Iles. The effluent waters from the cities upstream influence the water quality flowing to Terrebonne. Once the water reaches the intake to its treatment plant, the treatment performance process is set in place to ensure optimal quality water for 125,000 consumers.

Efforts to modernize and expand the plant began in 2008 and involved the addition of a new state-of-the-art innovative multi-barrier process to treat the water. Read the full case study to learn how Wedeco provided the solution of combining ozone oxidation and UV disinfection, and results exceeded regulation requirements.