Utilities GIS Solution

Source: Bentley Systems


Intelligent network models are vital for the efficient operation of your utilities networks. Maintain, manage, analyze, and publish intelligent network models, maps, and related data with a GIS solution for desktop, web, and mobile devices. Work with built-in configurable network models for electric, gas, water, wastewater, district energy, and communications systems. Employ design and analysis applications that include engineering and GIS capabilities for network tracing, analysis, reporting, and utility map and drawing production.

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Combine engineering, geospatial, and operational data from many sources to ensure everyone has a precise view of the as-operated network. Isolate outages, locating affected customers in an emergency or for call-before-you-dig responses. Use a range of reports to support fee calculations, duct and pole leasing invoices and payments, and more. Increase your field crew productivity in support of maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting work in the field.

Consolidate the management of all your utilities networks in common environment to improve operational efficiency and lower the system cost of ownership.

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