News | April 10, 2014

T-Rack 3.0 S Marks New Addition To inge Portfolio Of Next-Generation Racks


Ultrafiltration is increasingly being deployed in mobile applications – for example by incorporating systems in containers or trailers which offer limited height and space for installation. To meet the needs of these and other applications that require space-saving, lightweight UF solutions with a low height, we have optimized our rack solution portfolio to include the new T-Rack 3.0 S. This new rack combines the benefits of an extremely compact design with the advantages offered by our latest generation of racks such as outstanding corrosion and pressure resistance. The T-Rack 3.0 S requires up to 60 percent less space than conventional racks. And the provision of separate filtrate headers means that each row can be operated as a separate filtration line.

inge offers the T-Rack 3.0 S with its versatile Multibore 0.9 membrane (0.9 mm capillary diameter) for a range of different raw water quality standards. Also available is a version featuring the heavy-duty Multibore 1.5 membrane (1.5 mm capillary diameter) designed for water with a high concentration of solids. The standardized components and modular design make it quick and easy to adapt the rack to evolving requirements and expand capacity as necessary. The T-Rack 3.0 S is the ideal solution for anyone who needs a versatile and compact UF rack. For more information, visit

SOURCE: inge