SEPAREL® EF-120 Hollow Fiber Membrane Degassing Modules

Source: Sun Chemical Advanced Materials

SEPAREL EF-120 Hollow Fiber Membrane Degassing Modules

By employing the DIC Corporation's proprietary hollow fiber membrane, this module can operate in a vacuum of 20 torr or lower. It can obtain high oxygen removal performance even without using nitrogen and can reduce running costs.

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  • A large-type module that possesses groundbreaking performance
  • Supports increasing the scale of ultra-pure water supply facilities
  • Capable of degassing down to ultra-low levels
  • Capable of low cost/high efficiency operation because it does not use nitrogen gas

Major Applications

  • Degassing ultra-pure water
  • Corrosion prevention for pipework and boilers by removing oxygen in cooling water and feedwater supply

SEPAREL EF-120: A Large-type Module that Possess Groundbreaking Performance

DIC has dramatically increased the number of hollow fibers bundled inside the tube and has successfully developed a large-scale module ("Hollow Fiber Membrane Large-scale Degassing Module") that can degas a maximum liquid volume of approximately 50 square meters each hour. With the characteristics of the SS membrane, dissolved oxygen can be degassed down to ultra-low levels without using nitrogen gas, which makes low cost/high efficiency operation possible.

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