Selecting The Right Membrane For The Job

Source: QUA Group LLC
Selecting The Right Membrane For The Job

In this Water Online Radio exclusive interview, Fred Wiesler, Global Director of Sales for the QUA Group, discusses some of the company’s key products, including the EnviQ that uses a flat sheet PVDF membrane, and has a .04-micron pore size. It provides ultrafiltration quality water, with the strength of a PVDF flat sheet membrane. Each module has 55 flat sheet membranes connected to a central permeate collection tube, and each module has about 10 square meters of area that can produce three to four cubic meters per day of clean water.

“The simple modular design allows for easy removal and maintenance of the modules,” explains Wiesler. “It’s essentially a standalone unit that does not require any external frame.”

The diffuser design reduces fouling and helps to use the air more efficiently to lower the operating costs of the system.

Wiesler also discusses pretreatment and some specific projects QUA is involved with.

To learn more about the EnviQ and QUA Group’s other membrane products, listen here:

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