S&L Separates Itself From The Pack

Source: Smith & Loveless, Inc.
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Frank Rebori, President of Smith & Loveless, tells Water Online Radio what separates his company from its competitors, and also introduces some new product entries to the market.

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The following is an excerpt from the Q&A. Click on the Radio Player above to hear the full interview.

Todd Youngblood: What makes Smith & Loveless stand out from all the other pumps that are here?

Frank: There are a lot of great pumps and pump companies, but what we like to think is we make the safest and greatest pump station in the industry. What I mean by that is our pumps are a little bit different than most.

Our pumps are above-grade, primarily. And with that concept, it offers some efficiency advantages both in cost and pumping efficiencies – and the main thing is also operator safety.

That is a main concern with municipalities nowadays, as it should be. Everyone wants to be safe, and our pump stations really have an advantage because are above-grade, not down in the sewage. And so with that comes operator safety, but there is also great lower-life-cycle cost and great pump efficiencies.

Our original pump station, believe it or not, [delivered] over 65 years ago to Salina, Kansas, is still pumping strong after all these years.

Todd Schnick: Headworks is big for Smith & Loveless as well. Talk a little bit about headworks.

Frank: Headworks is made up two segments for us: screens and grit removal. With our screens, we have a new line of screen called the OBEX screens. These are in-channel screens, or what they call box screens, and we have the PISTA product.