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Source: Aerzen
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Aerzen supplies blowers for industrial and for wastewater treatment. Tom McCurdy, Regional Sales Manager at Aerzen, told Water Online radio in an interview that his company is unique in that they have the ability to help customers pick the right technology for the application without bias because they have multiple technologies available. They will work with the customer within what they need in terms of maximum and minimum flows, pressure swings, on-off cycles, etc., and will help guide a customer towards the right technology.

“Aeration accounts for about 60 percent of the electric bill for a wastewater treatment plant,” said McCurdy said. “The more efficient you can produce that air, the more money you’re going to save and there have been a number of different approaches to that. You can’t just go for the most efficient just because it’s efficient. If there are limitations on a particular technology that might be prohibitive once it’s installed, you don’t want to put something in there that’s not going to be running properly. It’s very important to take a detailed analysis of what the systems’ needs are in order to get an accurate view of how much money they’re actually going to save once it’s in the plant.”

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