Reduce Costs With Energy And Equipment Savings

Reduce Costs With Energy And Equipment Savings

For more than 60 years, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Limited has been providing customers with a full range of globally proven in-tank mixing solutions. Their products are reliable, cost-effective, and used in a wide range of industries. Their goal, as a company, is to help clients optimize their mixing processes, saving them time and money on maintenance and repairs. Jack Barnes, Application Engineer with Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, sat down with Water Online Radio to tell us more about his company.

The company offers many standard impellers to offer cost effective process optimized process solutions. They save energy because they are designed in CAD, modeled in CFD, and then physical models are made in the lab, which is one of the largest in the world. “We design them specifically for the application,” Barnes said.

“For something like biological nutrient removal (BNR), what you want to do is generate flow. We design the impeller that does an excellent job of generating flow with a minimum input of shear. It moves everything throughout the tank without causing shear that damages the particles,” said Barnes.

These design improvements add up to energy savings that can be quantified. They can be measured, and Philadelphia Mixing Solutions can offer energy studies that show the anticipated savings over the length of the equipment.

Another way Barnes’ company helps customers reduce costs is by cutting down on equipment. You have less equipment, less infrastructure, less expense. Their equipment is able to mix with basically the same installed horsepower at half the number of units.

Click the radio player below to hear the full interview and learn more about Philadelphia Mixing Solutions.

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