New Wastewater Sump Puts Intelligence Inside The Pump

Source: Flygt -- A Xylem Brand
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New Wastewater Sump Puts Intelligence Inside The Pump

There’s a new wastewater pump in town. Launched at WEFTEC 2016, the Flygt Concerter integrates control panel intelligence inside the pump. Lisa Riles, North America Flygt Product Manager with Xylem, sat down with Water Online Radio at the show to discuss how the new pump works.

“One of the benefits is asset management,” explains Riles. “We wanted to help customers reduce their costs. One pump can replace ten pumps as far as performance. There’s no need to change out impellers and motors etc. One pump can do all that and operate within a performance range.”

Riles suggests that trouble-free pumping is the other significant benefit for operators. To learn more about the Concerter and its impact on maintenance and energy, listen here:

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