Making Aftermarket Service And Support Work For Water And Wastewater Treatment Plants

Source: De Nora
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Making Aftermarket Service And Support Work For Water And Wastewater Treatment Plants

As municipalities look to make their water and wastewater treatment equipment run longer with fewer operational staff on payroll to maintain the equipment, having a reliable aftermarket parts and service provider becomes essential. In this exclusive Water Online Radio interview, John Dyson, Commercial Manager for De Nora Water Technologies’ electronic chlorination and filtration product lines, explains how operator feedback can inform everything, from product enhancement to localized service and support.

“When we redesigned our ClorTec on-site sodium hypochlorite generation system, we listened to the customer to make it easier to operate and maintain,” said Dyson. “We’re also trying to work with customers to be more preventative by installing annual support agreements with them and pre-planning follow up training. We make sure they understand what parts they need in the marketplace beforehand and what spare parts they will need for maintenance in the long run.”

De Nora Water Technologies’ is the former Severn Trent Services water purification business, rebranded after acquisition in July 2015. Previously a joint venture partner of Severn Trent’s electrical chlorination business, Industrie De Nora acquired both the Severn Trent business and Ozono Elettronica Internazionale (OEI), a manufacturer of ozone generator technologies, to capitalize more directly on its research in the water and wastewater treatment markets.

“The tag line of our new owners is ‘Our Research Your Future’,” said Dyson. “Visiting their facilities you realize just how much effort has been poured into research to make us a leader in the technology areas we participate in. We have a whole program in place to rationalize and update each product line we have in the marketplace.”

To learn more about the redesigned ClorTec on-site sodium hypochlorite generation system and De Nora’s gas feed instrumentation system, click on the audio player below:

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