News | August 30, 2017

ItN Nanovation AG Obtains A Binding Order For Water Treatment Plants For The Iranian Market

  • Order value over € 2M
  • DOR Water Filtration AG from Liechtenstein as sales partner and customer
  • Successful, practical testing of the pilot plant
  • Start of the delivery of the plants planned still in 2017

ItN Nanovation AG has received a binding order for peripheral water treatment plants for Iran. The order value amounts to over € 2M.

The ordered water treatment plants are of the types "CER@SENIC" and „CER@WELL“. „CER@SENIC“ removes particularly arsenic from ground and drinking water. In the province of Kerman in Iran, a testing facility has just been put into operation successfully, allowing to remove the arsenic contained in the water almost completely. "CER@WELL" is used to clean soiled tap water in buildings and removes dirt, germs, bacteria and nitrate.

The delivery of the plants is to start still in 2017.

Purchaser and contracting party is DOR Water Filtration AG in Liechtenstein. By the order for the Iranian market, the rights of sale have been given to DOR Water Filtration AG. The company was founded solely in order to market the plants. The company’s associates have been doing business in the Middle East for more than 15 years.

SOURCE: ItN Nanovation AG