Introducing The O-Factor In Aeration


There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to aerating wastewater lagoons. As Randy Chann, President and CEO of Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) explains in this Water Online Radio interview, each lagoon environment needs to be configured to meet both financial and regulatory outcomes. And as effluent compliance regulations continue to evolve over time, Chann is focused on creating adaptable aeration solutions that can be reconfigured rather than replaced as these regulations change. 

EDI, which specializes in the development and application of advanced technology aeration and biological treatment solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater, has released a new tool designed for plant owners called the O-Factor.

In the energy-intense world of aeration where efficiency is critical, the O-Factor tool helps plant owners understand the costs of hitting efficiency levels and what levels of efficiency are affordable. “As a parallel, I don’t drive an electric car. I don’t have photovoltaics on my roof,” says Chann. “It doesn’t hit my financial objectives. Aeration is the same. O-Factor allows an owner to understand what technology makes the most financial sense for them.”

To learn more about the O-Factor and selecting the right aeration solution for your facility, click on the radio player below:

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