Energy Savings At The Aeration Basin


With infrastructure dollars still tightly constricted, Aeration Industries International is focusing its attention on making wastewater treatment as cost-effective as possible. “Eighty percent of a wastewater treatment plant’s energy consumption takes place at the aeration basin,” Michael Ramirez, Director of Marketing for Aeration Industries points out in this Water Online radio interview. “Infrastructure dollars are low, everybody knows that. So we need to look for ways to really save money for the customer.”

Recognizing that every plant has a unique application, base, size, geometry, process and treatment plan, Aeration Industries creates installations or retrofits focused on improving the bottom line. “Total cost of operation is massive. It’s a very important topic for the operator,” says Ramirez. “If you look at the operation of a plan over the lifespan of our equipment, you’re going to save money for your city or company over that period which allows you to invest that cash in other areas.”

Ramirez cites the city of Lonsdale, MN that changed out its aeration equipment and revised its operating strategy. The savings were such that the plant now receives an energy rebate from their power supply company. 

To learn more about optimizing energy savings and the role of aeration in nutrient removal, click on the link below.

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