Encore® Chemical Metering Pumps

Source: UGSI Solutions, Inc.

Encore Metering Pumps

Encore® 700 metering pumps, recognized throughout the industry for their longevity, reliability and accuracy, are one of several types of metering pumps with integrated controls capabilities, including solenoid-driven, mechanically actuated, hydraulically actuated and peristaltic pumps, as well as integrated dosing and controls packaged systems for municipal and industrial markets offered by UGSI Chemical Feed. UGSI Chemical Feed has built a metering pump selection tool to help users determine the best pump choice given inputs such as chemical to be metered, flow and pressure. In addition, the Encore® 700 pumps are now certified to NSF/ANSI 61 standards for use in drinking water applications.

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Chemical metering pump integrated packages are designed to meet the needs of virtually any industrial or municipal liquid chemical feed application. They are completely assembled systems offering the features and flexibility required for accurate chemical metering with the benefit of easy installation, start-up,operation and maintenance with "plug-and-play" approach.

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