DE NORA TETRA: Trusted Filtration Technologies

Source: De Nora

De Nora brings a long history of innovation to familiar water treatment products like DE NORA TETRA filtration products. Since the 1960s, De Nora has been providing filtration process expertise and global innovation with technologies including DE NORA TETRATM Denite® denitrification systems, DeepBed™ tertiary AWT filters, underdrains for water and wastewater treatment, and submerged aerated biological filters.

In the video, learn more about the DE NORA TETRA advantage including process expertise and excellence; efficient treatment; robust and reliable solutions; a global installation base; and strong aftermarket support packages. Learn how DE NORA TETRA solved problems in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed in the US and at the Hangzhou Chigor wastewater treatment plant in China.

With a strong, trusted brand, and reliable aftermarket support packages, you can trust 55 years of filtration experience.