ClorTec® On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Systems — Skid Mounted Midsize

Source: De Nora


De Nora Water Technologies offers the ClorTec® On-site Hypochlorite Generating Systems, that easily produce 0.8% sodium hypochlorite by combining three common consumables: salt, water and electricity, to provide a powerful disinfection method for any application; food and beverage, potable water, wastewater, odor and corrosion control, cooling towers, oxidation and swimming pool disinfection.

The ClorTec systems are skid mounted and consist of electrolytic cell(s), power supply/rectifier, control panel/PLC, water softener, brine proportioning pump, hydrogen dilution blower and an optional water chiller/heater, all in one compact unit design conducive to easy installation and start-up. The simple-to-install skid-mounted systems can be fully operational and generating hypochlorite in less than 24 hours.