From The Editor | June 30, 2014

Be A Detective: 5 Must-Ask Questions For Industrial Screening Selection

Laura Martin

By Laura Martin,


Sherlock Holmes and Bert Irwin have something in common: they both spend their days looking for clues.

But Irwin—the president of wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer IPEC, is searching not for ‘who dunnit,’ but which screen will do the job.

“To determine the right screening for specific industrial applications, first we need to focus on the source — the wastewater — and do some detective work,” he said. “Looking closely at the wastewater and gathering information from it will dictate what we should do.”

While those who work at the industrial plant can certainly offer insight into their wastewater, the big picture isn’t always automatically clear. A total understanding of an industrial plant’s wastewater can sometimes be a bit of a mystery at first.