Baker Specialty Equipment

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If your needs require the storing or hauling of extremely caustic or acidic materials, there's a Baker solution that is right for you. BakerCorp is the first choice for environmentally sensitive liquid and solid containment challenges, and the broader needs of construction and industrial companies. Baker solutions are cost effective, labor friendly, convenient and dependable.

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The Baker Advantage

  • BakerEfficient –Tanker trailers resist cross contamination and are designed for easier cleaning.
  • BakerSafe – Berms provide peace-of-mind spill prevention.
  • BakerFlexible – IBC's are compact and stackable, easily maneuvered by crane or forklift.
  • BakerVersatile – The 220 Barrel Tank comes in both open top and mix tank versions, and when used with weir plates is perfect for sediment settling projects.

Baker Specialty Equipment

Stainless Steel Tanker Trailers

Berms - Poly Tank

220 Barrel Tanks

Intermediate Bulk Containers

Berms - Steel Tank

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