News | April 16, 2018

Atlas Copco Launches The ZB 5-6 VSD+ New Generation Of Centrifugal Air Blowers: A Unique Design With Proven Efficiency

Source: Atlas Copco Airpower Compressor Technique

With its new generation if ZB magnetic bearing turbo blowers, Atlas Copco releases one of the most efficient oil-free turbo blowers in the market in all aspects. The ZB proves an incomparable reliability and lifetime with its insensitivity to process changes.

The big advantage of using the magnetic bearing turbo technology is that no air is used from the system to operate the machine, making the machine independent from downstream conditions which prevails from any operation trouble compared to other technologies. Moreover, with this new generation of machines, Atlas Copco developed a technology not requiring any power bank in case of power failure, making This makes the ZB the most straight forward magnetic bearing blower ever made.

“Comparing turbo blowers can be a hard and very confusing job” explains Romain Donzel, Product and Segment Manager Low Pressure. “Every compressor and blower manufacturer has its own measuring methods and they are difficult to compare. Our motive is very simple: You will get what we quote. We will tell you exactly which flow and pressure our machines will produce for your process, as well as how much electricity it will consume. Clear communication and commitment is one of our core values and we make it our mission to you.”

All components are selected towards the same goal: offering the customer a reliable, highly efficient and continuous operation for all kind of applications in different industry segments (such as Wastewater Treatment, Pneumatic Conveying, Food & Beverage, Flue gas desulphurization,…). The ZB turbo blowers are ISO 8573-1 Class Zero certified, safeguarding the quality of your end product by preventing oil from contaminating your production.

The new generation of ZB units helps to reduce your electricity bill drastically by implementing two important principles: maintaining the air intake temperature to a minimum and inducing as few resistance as possible to the air passing through each component. There is a direct connection from the ambient air to the impeller, without any disturbance. As a result, the ambient air temperature and the intake air temperature in the impeller are equal. Thanks to decades of rotating equipment design and the development of the most advanced calculators, an optimal air flow is delivered helping you save even more.

“The ZB magnetic bearing technology is a very strong technology ensuring a safe operation no matter the conditions. At any time, the shaft is fully controlled thanks to the magnetic force which adjusts the position of it constantly.” explains Romain Donzel, Product and Segment Manager Low Pressure “It is sometimes perceived as a complex technology, but it is not. Get in touch with us and we will be glad to explain you how we can turn complexity into simplicity and reliability for all of your projects.

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SOURCE: Atlas Copco Airpower Compressor Technique