An Alternative To Design-Build?


San Francisco has embarked upon a $6.9-billion, 20-year initiative to completely renovate the sewer system. That includes the pipelines, the pump stations, and the treatment plants of the system.

Marty Dorward, senior vice president with AECOM, and the program manager for the San Francisco Public Utility Commissions Sewer System Improvement Program, discussed some of the unique aspects of this project with Water Online Radio.

Like San Francisco, many utilities around the country are being affected by ‘brain drain.’ They have an aging workforce, an aging infrastructure, and the in-house capability is starting to erode.

Dorward believes that utilities and owners are looking for different delivery methodologies to share transfer risk, as well as foster innovation and efficient delivery.

In San Francisco’s situation, they are interested in a concept called construction manager at risk, or CMAR. Dorward explains that this is a type of alternative delivery where the owner retains more control further into the design process, which is comfortable, but still transfers some risk at the point of construction, where the general contractor provides a guaranteed maximum price.

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