Advanced Water Treatment Solutions To Solve The Modern Treatment Puzzle

Source: Leopold -- A Xylem Brand
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Advanced treatment solutions continue to evolve as 1,4-Dioxin, N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) removal and Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) appear on the regulatory horizon. Many times, advanced treatment requires combinations of different products in the treatment process.

In an interview with Water Online Radio, product specialist Sydney Ulliman explains how Xylem is connecting its vast portfolio of products to create some unique treatment solutions for today’s water utilities. Some of the combinations Ulliman discusses involve ozone disinfection with biologically-activated filtration and combining UV, ozone with hypochlorite or peroxide.

New treatment scenarios can be challenging to adopt on many levels for utilities. And no one treatment plant is the same as any other so, as Ulliman points out, education becomes key. “We educate consultants and utilities on the benefits at the early stages on where they can save money.”

This podcast discusses the benefits of early stage treatability testing, the migration into pilot testing and the importance of after-market support.

To hear the full interview, click below.

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